Sunday, January 30, 2011

Planting bulbs

70 degrees today!  Unbelievable after the awful winter we have had this year.  What with endless frosty nights and SNOW.  Snow in South Carolina? Well, at least the bulbs have stayed in good condition and are ready to plant.  And was I ready for a day in the garden -oh my goodness, I couldn't wait to get out there today.  I planted 300 Pink Surprise hyacinths in the hosta garden and 100 Red Riding Hood tulips on the rock garden.  And some daffodils, alliums and white anemones too. But I go too fast, maybe a little background right now and then over time we can talk about planting bulbs en masse and our series of gardens (including my own 5 o' clock garden! Asian garden, white garden etc).  Anyway,  Marlboro Bulb is owned by 5 Dutchmen and run by Jack my husband -he is 4 th generation working in bulbs and was born in Holland so he knows his stuff. We basically wholesale flower bulbs.  Although we have fairly small quantities as a minimum, so garden clubs and individuals order from us too.  Our website is so check us out there.  Me? I am a Brit, so I guess I was born gardening and I like nothing better than to be out in the garden pottering and planting.  Keeps you fit and keeps you young and beautifies your home surroundings-what more can you ask from a  hobby?  You can always call and ask for ideas too or if you would like to come and see the garden in upstate South Carolina you only have to phone the office at 1-800-999-0567 and ask for Patricia and we will arrange  a time for you.  It is a relatively new garden  - not yet 4 years old and all done by hand with lots of sweat, thousands and thousands of bulbs and much loving care.  Interested?  Come back for more installments!