Sunday, October 23, 2011


And here are the gladioli -it is amazing how well the bulbs keep.  i try to plant every 3  weeks through the summer so I have a succession of blooms for cutting.  they are especially welcome at this time of year.
The cannas have done really well this year too, especially the ones from tissue culture.
Now we have grape hyacinth leaves (Muscari armeniacum) leaves coming through.  They make great groundcover through the winter.  Also loads of paperwhites are showing -Narcissus Ziva and also the Super paperwhites, have leaves about 6-8 inches tall already.
what an amazing day -77 degrees with wall to wall sunshine -gorgeous to be out there tidying up and cutting flowers.  We still need more rain though; I also had to water some of the beds -unbelieveable for late October.


Hereare the pictures of the dahlias.  Isn't that just glorious at the end of October?

fall is arriving

Cut the grass and picked a late bunch of dahlias and Gladioli -I plant at intervals so i still have some flowers to cut at this time of the year.  They are just beautiful