Wednesday, September 26, 2012


As the days shorten and the nights are turning cooler we are rewarded with an explosion of color from Lycoris Radiata.  The red version is headturning and en masse definitely breathtaking.  Be sure to plant right near the surface in a sunny site and then leave them alone! They are fine in grass too as you can see.  They don't like being mulched or planted too deeply nor do they seem to respond too well to fertilizer.  What an awesome perennial bulb.  Common names include Spider lily, naked lady due to the lack of leaves until after the blooms are done, though that is generally attached to the pink variety for some reason.  The yellow variety is a little more unusual and not quite so hardy.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

presentation Sep 13th

Hostas?  Are they your favorite?  Come and see our presentation on Hostas and Companions in the Greenwood SC library at 7pm on Thursdy September 13th.  This is organized by the Master Gardeners but it will be open to the public also.  There will be fall bulbs and hosta plants for sale afterwards.

Hope you can make it.  If you have any questions you would like answering -just let us know, or if you would like us to bring any particular bulbs we will be happy to do that if we have them in stock.

You can call us on 1-800-999-0567 or email

Monday, September 10, 2012

Well- those caladiums keep getting better! They are an unbelieveable plant especially in the south where we get 5 months of awesome colour with no work.  Of course this summer has been a little wetter around here than usual and we don't have irrigation so that has helped- but even so.  They really are amgnificent and en masse they make really good ground cover helping to keep the soil cooler, moist and fairly weed free.
It is a joy though to have some days in the low 80s now with lower humidity.  Surprised to see the nights go down to 58/60F so early though.  I wonder if that means we are going to get an early winter this year?
The Bishop series dahlias are doing well again this year.  They don't sell as well as the  large dinnerplate varieties, but my goodness, they keep on blooming and with their bronze foliage make a very attractive perennial plant.  Something to look at.  Let me know if oyu want more information -either through the blog or email me at