Wednesday, September 26, 2012


As the days shorten and the nights are turning cooler we are rewarded with an explosion of color from Lycoris Radiata.  The red version is headturning and en masse definitely breathtaking.  Be sure to plant right near the surface in a sunny site and then leave them alone! They are fine in grass too as you can see.  They don't like being mulched or planted too deeply nor do they seem to respond too well to fertilizer.  What an awesome perennial bulb.  Common names include Spider lily, naked lady due to the lack of leaves until after the blooms are done, though that is generally attached to the pink variety for some reason.  The yellow variety is a little more unusual and not quite so hardy.


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    1. thank you -hope your garden is doing well and you are not as plagued with weeds as we seem to be this year!