Monday, September 10, 2012

Well- those caladiums keep getting better! They are an unbelieveable plant especially in the south where we get 5 months of awesome colour with no work.  Of course this summer has been a little wetter around here than usual and we don't have irrigation so that has helped- but even so.  They really are amgnificent and en masse they make really good ground cover helping to keep the soil cooler, moist and fairly weed free.
It is a joy though to have some days in the low 80s now with lower humidity.  Surprised to see the nights go down to 58/60F so early though.  I wonder if that means we are going to get an early winter this year?
The Bishop series dahlias are doing well again this year.  They don't sell as well as the  large dinnerplate varieties, but my goodness, they keep on blooming and with their bronze foliage make a very attractive perennial plant.  Something to look at.  Let me know if oyu want more information -either through the blog or email me at

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