Monday, April 18, 2011

tulip update

Here is one more picture of the no dig planting method -my PEPNOD -this was taken today before the tulips go over after the heat   What a beautiful day, cool morning, lovely sunshine and no humidity -planted herbs and tomatoes after work today.  This picture also shows how well the deer repellant works -no deer problems at all.  This stuff really stinks of garlic the day you spray, but after 24 hours it has disappeared Being systemic though it remains in the plant and is obviously distasteful to critters.
 Still picking asparagus -mmmm fresh picked asparagus this evening -ambrosia -and this is the 3rd year they have been in place so now I can pick all I want -that is luxury!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Here is a newsflash for you -we still have some limited availability on caladiums -so be sure you get your order in as soon as possible.  Call us on 1-800-999-0567.  We are out of reds but still have some really nice speckled Gingerland,  beautiful pink shade loving Kathleen, fabulous sun tolerant strap leaf Florida Sweetheart, the ever popular mixed caladiums and small quantities of a few others.

Some of the sizes in elephant ear bulbs are also running short this year so check those out too.  You can look up the varieties on our web page at 

Need help with how to plant or ideas for landscaping-just email or call us, we look forward to hearing from you


These are the tulips coming up from my No Dig planting method -they were planted very late so they are a little short but nevertheless you can see how well they are doing -and what a sight the bright Oxford tulip makes en masse like that.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

ponies in the tulips

These are some of the late planted tulips -it is Tulipa Ollioules and they are interplanted with Narcissus Allbright -a newer King Alfred type with a lovely big trumpet.  These are also planted using my PEPNOD -Patricia's  Easy Planting NOo Dig method!!n fact we ran out of dirt so these only have tree mulch!!!! The red tulips in the background are Oxford,
What a glorious way to lift your spirits -just meandering through a garden of spring bulbs is the best tonic!  You just have to smile.
Now though is the time to get those lilies in the ground and remember that all those gorgeous colored lettuce types available make perfect edging plants for the price of a packet of seeds -keep them well watered though after planting,  seedlings are so shallow rooted they dry out very quickly.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

species tulips

Here are some of the little species tulips on my rock garden.  They look so delicate but are tough survivors -these are nearer the old original type tulips and make good perennials.  See them open totally as they bask in the afternoon sunshine then shyly close their petals for nightfall, conserving their energy for another day of beauty!  Some are tiny little jewels to be savored close up, but some are reasonably tall and still eye-catching when planted en masse.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

English Mothers Day

English Mother's day tomorrow and a beautiful bouqet of lilies arrived from my son!!!

In the garden many of the early daffodils are now over and even some tulips!  Goodness they were so early this year.  The species tulips on the rock garden came back for their third year -they are just gorgeous and a pretty good perennial for this part of the world.  Some are really quite tall too though the flowers are smaller and more delicate looking.

Now is also the time to begin planting for the summer show.  we still jhave lilies.  Have you tried the wonderful orange double tiger lily it is just stunning.  great pick for those Clemson fans too!  Don't forget my own beautiful asiatic lily Patricia's Pride.  i will look out a picture for you tomorrow so you can see just how lucky I am to have such an awesome flower named for me!
Planted some Grand Cru lilies in the wine garden this morning. They are also eye catching in gold and red and they are paired with the white lily Muscadet for a stunning summer show.