Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Caladiums Freida hemple and Miss Muffett

Caladiums Red Flash and Florida Cardinal
Well I suppose I did go  a little crazy with the caladiums!  At least they shade the hostas in the hot summer sun and the hostas had a great time earlier in the season. And you can still see some of the hostas. Anyway, gardening is partly about the changing scenes. No two days are the same -there's always something new to discover, something that was missed or something new appearing.  Life is a little like that too isn't it?  If we take the time to 'stop and smell the roses' that is.

Hosta Paul's Glory is a really good hosta for the south -doesn't burn like some of them.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Caladiums caladiums and more caladiums!

OK so I have neglected my blog but now I am back -I promise !
CaladiumWhite Queen
CaladiumGarden White and Colocasia Jack's Giant
I just have to share my love of caladiums as ground cover at this time of year -they just give such wonderful trouble free color -and what color -they can be striking or retiring, brash and bold or show a delicate blush in the background.  Some work really well in the sun -you cannot beat the tried and tested Red Flash for that but try the new Garden White (the second picture)-it needs a fancier name than that though! Also White Queen (see picture above)and Aaron are both standing up well to this summer  in South Carolina. And goodness has it been hot.  This was a good year for me to visit Europe.  I went back to my native UK and to France, where I have also lived and enjoyed so much.   Anyway back to Caladiums, they give 5 months of color in the south and are great at helping keep down the weeds. They also grow well in pots and can be over wintered in pots kept in temps. above 50 degrees.  They also make good cut leaves for indoors and last well as a leaf arrangement or in contrast with a few blooms. Wow wha a marvellous plant.
Another fairly new variety is Caladium Tapestry -see below.  Here it is grown with the elephant ear Colocasia Diamond Head -a gorgeous shiny purple leaved variety that will also take some sun.
Let  me know if you would like more Caladium pictures