Sunday, January 19, 2014

Super snowdrops

What a gorgeous little clump of joy nestling in the shelter of the camellia bush.  These giant Galanthus are a delight after the cold winter days of this winter.  60 degrees forecast tomorrow then back to 19 overnight Tuesday and another cold cold week.  Goodness this is a strange year.  The poor plants won't know whether to start growing or stay in hibernation!!!  Though I have to say there are green spears of daffodils appearing all over the garden as well.  Tough little things huh?  And so cheering to see.  The promise of spring.

Spent some time on the sunny rock garden planting mini daffodils and tulips -a little late really for those minis as they usually bloom so early but that's ok they will still bloom -they will just be a little later this year.  The tulips are fabulous and perennialize much better in the south than their bigger showier cousins.  They work really well in the outdoor slightly larger fairy gardens too - they are sooo cute.
It was great to get out into the garden after so many wet or bitterly cold weekends too.