Tuesday, April 15, 2014

wine garden and tulips

This is the wine garden with tulips coming into bloom
The daffodils are Mint julep, the clematis Sparkling champagne, the day lilies coming in are Little Grapette and Summer wine  -the hosta in the pot is Tequila Sunrise the yellow bush beyond the bottle tree is Deutzia Chardonnay Pearl -so as you can see my alcoholic garden is made up of plants with alcoholic names. -the Iris later will be Champagne Elegance, the viburnum Brandywine. There are two Weigelas -Midnight Wine and Summer Wine, grapes either side the archway, Ajuga Burgundy glow and Heuchera beaujolais as ground cover -and so on -a fun way to garden to have theme gardens and a great place for a cocktail party! I will also have tomato Brandywine and pepper Chablis I think it is -must check!

More species tulips -they are so adorable and good perennials even in the south

there is a good selection of white tulips -I also have them in my white garden 

And here is a fun way to grow tulips -keep them cool then bring indoors before blooming -the triumph tulips seem to work best for me though i have used lily flowering -just experiment and have fun!!!

spectacular spring

What a gorgeous time of year -here is a selection of pictures taken a couple of days ago.  It is such a wonderful time of year when we go from the drab of winter to spring cheer

The hosta garden areas seem to have benefited from the colder winter
see how well hostas adapt to pots -they don't have to compete with all the tree roots and they do get a little colder in the winter in the south

and another view.

Next is the rock garden -I adore those mini daffodils and the species tulips are perfect little jewels at this time of year.  This is the fifth year they have returned -species tulips make great perennials and the gregeii tulips also come back really well -mmm need to take a picture of those too -will do that later!

not a great picture -sorry you can't see the vibrancy of these beauties

The lily bed is full of species crocus first then tulips and scilla siberica -the dying leaves will be totally obscured by the growing lilies

More tulips -mmm -the color didn't cone out too well here either -it has to be the blog!