Monday, June 10, 2013


June -this is my birthday month and the month for lilies, so I have to start with my very own lily, named for me Patricia's Pride

This is by the side of my 5 o'clock or alcoholic garden!  See earlier posts for that one!
Now for a couple more stunning lilies
This one is Forever Susan -named by Allan Armitage for his wife.
And this one is Abbeville's Pride.  we named this as a fundraiser for the Abbeville Opera house for their 100th Anniversary a few years ago
and one more for now The one below is Royal Trinity


Gorgeous firework-like flowers that last really well in a vase.  Allium christophii or Albopilosum as it is now more commonly called, is a great addition to any garden.  Plant in the fall.  This one was planted late so didn't bloom until early
June! You can also dry these flowerheads  and spray with gold or silver paint for beautiful Christmas decorations or table decorations.