Saturday, January 26, 2013

Brave Delight

Narcissus Grand Soleil d'Or -At last you can see what I am talking about!!! (The feature to add a picture from my computer seems to have returned )This little treasure has been blooming since early December.  Just got back from the GGIA Atlanta trade show to a lyer of freezing rain on the roads around the Greenville SC area and temperatures around 26 degrees F and this morning these brave little souls have STILL perked up their heads in defiance of the weather to bring the sun out in the garden!!  I now have 3 blooms of Narcissus Rijnelds Early Sensation  too.  The smaller early daffodils make such wonderful landscape additions to cheer us onour way at this time of year.   They are so underused.   Similarly the miniature tulips are coming up and are a great additon to rock gardens and pots.  Once they start to bloom I will add their joyous faces to the blog.Crazy weather though -it is forecast to be 70degrees again by Tuesday.    How the  poor garden can cope with such dramatic variations never fails to amaze me.

Anyway, I brought back a beautiful specimen of Edgeworthia Winter Gold from our dear friends at Cam Too Camelia nursery in NC and some wonderful organic coffee and organic pecans from Cleveland Organics of GA.  You should check out their stuff I promise you it is worth it.  It was a good trade show, busy and as always, it was fun to see old friends and catch up with their news

Sunday, January 20, 2013

And still planting!

Planted yet more daffodils -Carlton and the little cyclamineus Narcissus Jenny.  She is a little beauty with swept back white petals and pale lemon trumpets that fade to a creamy white.  The little species crocus are still blooming despite 26 degrees C on Friday night.  The Narcissus Grand Soleil d'Or likewise are still giving a great show.  They looked pretty flat and dejected on Saturday morning but soon recovered in the sunshine.  And the snowdrops -my goodness they have been incredible this winter.  The first ones were open on Dec 9th and I still have giant snowdrops in bloom.  The few muscari also have braved the cold so far to keep on blooming.  The first yellow crocus were open today -the species one E. P. Bowles.  People are missing out not planting more of the little species bulbs.  They may be smaller but they pack quite a punch at this time of year.  I love them. They are wonderful around trees and on rock gardens, in planters and in the front of borders.  Also if oyu have a mini Fairy garden as opposed to a micro mini you will find they look awesome there too.  If I could upload a photo I would.  Oh and before I forget, the first yellow daffodil Rijnveld's Early Sensation opened today  and there are quite a few in bud following on its heels.

Now I am having trouble uploading any photo -the option to browse the computer files seems to have disappeared.  Wish I were more of a hi-tech girl!  There must be an easy way to find my pictures.  So help needed again please!!!!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Still planting!!!

The weather is awesome isn't it?  Well, it is here in sunny South Carolina!  I was planting bulbs yesterday and today -I even got up early so I could plant for an hour before going into the office at Marlboro Bulb Company.  We have had a cool fall/winter so the bulbs are still in very good shape.  I was planting daffodils, iris reticulata, miniature and greigii tulips which perennialize well in the south.
It feels good to be digging and planting.  Many daffodils are through already of course though it will be a while before they bloom.  I am hoping for a really good spring this year after the night frosts we have had so far. 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone. I hope you have a wonderful gardening year too.

Here is a clump of my giant snowdrops they are so uplifting on a grey day and so brave to withstand the storms and the frost don't you think?

I tried to add a picture of the cheery yellow Narcissus Grand Soleil d'Or -a little beauty, especially so early.  It reminds us of the joys of gardening and the lift to our spirits when we see the early growth or new blooms.  Anyway, the photo keeps turning sideways on me -how do I turn a picture selected for the blog?  Can anyone help me with that?  It is the right way up in my computer files!!

I planted a bunch of the exquisite miniature tulips in the fairy garden together with the mini iris reticulata, so I am looking forward to a fabulous display in that corner of the garden early this spring.

Anyway, it is not too late to plant spring bulbs they will just bloom a little later.  Daffodils especially, will still be fine, I aim to spend time this coming weekend planting more lovely bulbs.  We still have a selection available at the warehouse in Greenwood SC   We also have a few double Amaryllis Blossom Peacock and some paperwhite Narcissus for sale.

Let us know if you still need anything.  Also if you would like a copy of our new spring catalog call us at Marlboro Bulb Company on 1-800-999-0567 or email We would love to hear from you and share any or your gardening stories.