Sunday, January 20, 2013

And still planting!

Planted yet more daffodils -Carlton and the little cyclamineus Narcissus Jenny.  She is a little beauty with swept back white petals and pale lemon trumpets that fade to a creamy white.  The little species crocus are still blooming despite 26 degrees C on Friday night.  The Narcissus Grand Soleil d'Or likewise are still giving a great show.  They looked pretty flat and dejected on Saturday morning but soon recovered in the sunshine.  And the snowdrops -my goodness they have been incredible this winter.  The first ones were open on Dec 9th and I still have giant snowdrops in bloom.  The few muscari also have braved the cold so far to keep on blooming.  The first yellow crocus were open today -the species one E. P. Bowles.  People are missing out not planting more of the little species bulbs.  They may be smaller but they pack quite a punch at this time of year.  I love them. They are wonderful around trees and on rock gardens, in planters and in the front of borders.  Also if oyu have a mini Fairy garden as opposed to a micro mini you will find they look awesome there too.  If I could upload a photo I would.  Oh and before I forget, the first yellow daffodil Rijnveld's Early Sensation opened today  and there are quite a few in bud following on its heels.

Now I am having trouble uploading any photo -the option to browse the computer files seems to have disappeared.  Wish I were more of a hi-tech girl!  There must be an easy way to find my pictures.  So help needed again please!!!!

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