Friday, August 30, 2013

Time to order fall bulbs

Dahlias?  Still planting at the end of August???? Really -we had a bunch of dinnerplate and cactus dahlias left so we weeded a space, threw them on the ground and covered them up with some topsoil.  Well it was worth a try -I will keep you posted on the results.  The dahlias were individual prepacks in peat moss and most were sprouting well -so we will see.

It is time to order fall bulbs too -so check us out for tulips, daffodils, alliums,  muscari, crocus etc etc.  And don't forget those Amaryllis bulbs and paperwhites for indoor planting.   email:  or call 1-800-999-0567

It has been a strange year weather wise though - we are still getting regular rain and the pasture is sooo green -the ponies love that -normally the fields have been brown for a month.

Lycoris time

Goodness the first lycoris, (spider lilies and naked ladies are other common names for this plant) are blooming already and we have only just finished planting the last of the dahlias!!!!

Back to the lycoris -the yellow ones are just gorgeous this year, the pinks are doing well -no sign of the reds yet -but I wasn't really expecting  to see any for another couple of weeks.  We still have new season lycoris bulbs -so give us a call on 1-800-999-0567 Marlboro Bulb Co  or see or email  

Thursday, August 8, 2013

August already!

Well, again a long drought between blogs and lots of rain on the flowers -but the summer has been crazy with a trip to Aruba and the Aloe Vera Farm -that was so interesting.  I have already bought 2 aloe vera plants and planted them in warm sheltered spots in the garden. Hope they survive. They are really easy to use -just cut a leaf and it them like a fish and rub the gel on your skin -no sticky finish; your skin will drink up the wonderful gel feel so soft!

Also TWO trade shows, a big one in Columbus OH that was really busy- but 3 days on the trade show floor gets a bit too much.  Then the 2 day show in the newly revived SNA -Southern nurserymen's Assoc in Atlanta GA -2 days is great and I love the interaction and the chance to meet with friends, customers and fellow booth staff -old and new.  It is a great talking place and a good opportunity to see a lot of people in one place and in a short space of time.  I always think trade shows are very good value for the networking chances they offer.  There is a lot more optimism in the industry too which is very encouraging.
Of course I was also in the play, The Red Velvet Cake War as a German Psychologist -one minute very prim and proper and the next falling in love and chasing the guy!!!

But, back to the garden at home -yet more huge weeds -with so many trips away and so much rain this year the weeds have really taken hold.  Some pull up so very easily and others as you know I'm sure are tougher and deeper.  The crusher run drives are  a mess too with so much grass and weeds growing through.  I really have to use round up; I can't see a way round that unless anyone can offer advice on killing weeds on paths and driveways -quite a large area too as I love walkways through the various garden areas.  I love to get in among the plants not just see them from a distance and paths through beds beckon.  They say so clearly "come and see"