Saturday, April 2, 2011

English Mothers Day

English Mother's day tomorrow and a beautiful bouqet of lilies arrived from my son!!!

In the garden many of the early daffodils are now over and even some tulips!  Goodness they were so early this year.  The species tulips on the rock garden came back for their third year -they are just gorgeous and a pretty good perennial for this part of the world.  Some are really quite tall too though the flowers are smaller and more delicate looking.

Now is also the time to begin planting for the summer show.  we still jhave lilies.  Have you tried the wonderful orange double tiger lily it is just stunning.  great pick for those Clemson fans too!  Don't forget my own beautiful asiatic lily Patricia's Pride.  i will look out a picture for you tomorrow so you can see just how lucky I am to have such an awesome flower named for me!
Planted some Grand Cru lilies in the wine garden this morning. They are also eye catching in gold and red and they are paired with the white lily Muscadet for a stunning summer show.


  1. Looking forward to the Lilies I planted from your place. Two are up a bit, waiting on the others to remind me where I planted them!
    Was on the bypass this week and saw all the daffodils blooming--looks great!!!

  2. Oh I forgot to mention, if you go to my blog you can see the Daffodils I bought from you (with a few others) that have come up so far. White Lion is great! So is Foresight, Gold Metal has great staying power in the garden...well there are lots more. Still waiting on Cheerfulness and White Marvel to open.

  3. I looked at your blog Janet and the unknown daffodil is probably Osiris. I tuired to make a comment on your blog but couldn't find the comment spot!

  4. PS Awesome pictures you take Janet

  5. Thanks so much Patricia! I have Osiris IDed, this one is a multi-bloomed stem, with the ruffled split corona, white with yellow stripe. It is one I brought to SC with me from VA.
    I will see if I can make the comment area more prominent.