Sunday, April 10, 2011

ponies in the tulips

These are some of the late planted tulips -it is Tulipa Ollioules and they are interplanted with Narcissus Allbright -a newer King Alfred type with a lovely big trumpet.  These are also planted using my PEPNOD -Patricia's  Easy Planting NOo Dig method!!n fact we ran out of dirt so these only have tree mulch!!!! The red tulips in the background are Oxford,
What a glorious way to lift your spirits -just meandering through a garden of spring bulbs is the best tonic!  You just have to smile.
Now though is the time to get those lilies in the ground and remember that all those gorgeous colored lettuce types available make perfect edging plants for the price of a packet of seeds -keep them well watered though after planting,  seedlings are so shallow rooted they dry out very quickly.

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