Saturday, February 9, 2013

Dancing daffodils and Colourful Caladiums

The daffodils are definitely starting to provide a show now and my Narcissus Grand Soleil d'Or are STILL blooming -can you believe it - 2 months after the first brave bloom opened its eyes to the sun.  And we had another frost last night!  The garden is always an amazing place. There is always so much to see from the bark of the River birches and the changing hues and the leaves of evergreens, to the stunning winter blooming shrubs and the oh so many changing expressions of the winter garden.  The tiny leaves of miniature tulips are starting to show now also along with their mid-size cousins the Gregeiis, with their attractive mottled leaves.  The full size tulips will follow of course such a wonderful array of colour, but I do love those smaller varieties that bloom so early and perennialize in the south much better.

Of course this is also the time to plan that summer colour.  We go from the dark days of winter to the joy and dazzle of the spring blooms but then what?  Many, many summer flowering bulbs are available and now is the time to start ordering those.  Lilies, Cannas, Dahlias, Elephant ears, Calla Lilies, and those colorful Caladiums  to name but a few.  Have you tried using caladiums as summer ground cover? -awesome! And some types really will take full sun even here in the south.  Varieties such as the bright and bold large leaved Red Flash, White Queen, the strap leaf White Wing and the new Tapestry,even the more demure green and white Aaron also. Make a bold splash in the flowerbeds and of course the many shade preferring varieties can brighten up the shade gardens and add a glow of  white or a mass of colour to surprise and exclaim over.

Start working out what you need now and if you need help with choices or color schemes or ordering, make sure you check us out at or call us on 1-800-999-0567.  You can also email orders on

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