Sunday, March 10, 2013

Double daffodils, Iridescent Iris and Help???Mystery

What a glorious time of year -with so much in bloom and so much colour.  A twelve month garden is a must -every day is different, every day a joy to walk around and see what new leaf or bud has emerged.  And it is no so difficult to acheive with colorful barks and early blooming shrubs like Lonicera Frangrantissima and hammemalis and Edgeworthia to name just 4 ideas.  Of course the drawbacks are there too as the weeds also start to flourish -but the beauty outweighs the weed.  The daffodil above is the double Ice King.  It starts off more yellow in the centre then turns to white -heavenly!
And here is Crocus bluebird a dainty species crocus -only planted in late Dec.  Next winter it will bloom earlier.  And here is the lovely Iris reticulata
And what is this????  This daffodil and a few others like it are blooming in a clump of N. Ice Follies.  Is it a sport?  Has it reverted?  Or has a virus affected that clump of Ice Follies?  This is a real mystery daffodil.  Any ideas out there?

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  1. Finally getting around to reading blog posts. Sorry I don't know what your daffodil is, put it up on Facebook, I know a few daffodil folks in Washington state...maybe one of them might know.