Monday, February 10, 2014

Spring? -or the calm before the storm!!!

Two beautiful days gardening as this long winter drags on.  It seems we are getting another winter storm tomorrow and Wednesday.  Still in the midst of all the chaos to come, as it will -the south is definitely set up to cope with snow! Here are a couple of shots to chase away those winter blues and remind us of the promise of the fairy child's gift of spring.
Daffodil Rijnveld's Early Sensation

Species Crocus Bluebird
Those early daffodils are always so delightful and that splash of yellow so cheering.  And as for the species crocus -so so sweet  The snowdrops are still blooming to and the first winter aconite - or Eremurus   The species tulips are also showing their tips above ground.  Can't wait for them.  I planted more this year.  They come back for several years too.
oops not Eremurus but Eranthis! What was I thinking???

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