Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Well its time for the paperwhites to come into their own indoors.  Of course here in the South we can also plant them outside after they have finished blooming and after the last frost  in April here-they will then bloom outside in a sunny sheltered spot later next year -around mid Nov/early December.  These shown are our Super Paperwhites -they have bigger bulbs, bigger blooms, more stems per bulb and less fragrance than the usual Paperwhite Ziva  They are so lovely -try putting them in a Chritmas pot and surround with white chips for a surreal snow scene. 
Of course the Amaryllis are coming along too -but more on those another day -though we do have some stunning double pink and white Amaryllis Blossom Peacock -an unusual variety as it has a little FRAGRANCE too!  So call us while we still have some -1-800-999-0567 or email

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  1. Are you all open now? I remember you mentioned that you would be having store hours, but haven't seen anything about it.
    Love Amaryllis.