Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Christmas to everyone. There are snowdrops blooming -so cheerful at this time of year.  The giant one seems to be the only one that really does well here in the south -in my garden at least but I do love them so.  If it stops raining long enough in the next couple of days I will take some photos!  There are also some narcissus Grand Soleil d'Or starting to open  What a cheery sight and even a couple of blue muscari -what are they thinking?  It is far too early for them.  They make great ground cover in the winter for the south, but even so they don't usually bloom until late March/April. 
Planted more daffodils and tulips yesterday in between showers!

Hope you have a wonderful Christmas day and very best wishes to all for the NewYear.  Happy Planting!

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